Erlin Bjorksdottir

Fierce blonde green-eyed warrior skald with a powerful voice and a deadly bow



Erlin is a tall young Ulfen female with green eyes and long blond hair, usually braided, with the right side shaved close. She is “tough pretty”, with a strong, quick athletic build and excellent hand-eye coordination. She is usually seen in her chain mail shirt and armored kilt and brown leather boots (with a surprise inside), armed with a beautiful composite longbow, a family heirloom from an old family hero local to White Cliff, a long sword, dagger, and throwing axe at her side, and a wooden shield on her back. In taverns she is usually dressed a bit finer, with only her dagger at her side, and her home-carved kit violin beside her.




Erlin’s kit was carved by her grandfather, Ulrick, out of yew, with the pommel head and turns carved from ivory. The 4 string kit can be plucked like a lute, or played with a bow, like a fiddle. Erlin’s kit comes with a simple wooden tube carrying case and a shoulder strap. On the back of kit is a tiny carving of a narwhal, which Ulrick carved as a good luck token for his grandchild.



Born in the coastal village of White Cliff, her home was raided and sacked, and she was captured and sold to the earl of Kattegat when she was 14 years old. Her father, Bjork, a fisherman, and her mother, Hallgard, a weaver with a touch of sorcery in her blood, both died during the raid. Because of her looks and excellent voice, he took her back to his village as a thrall to become his skald. Now 19, and a freeman, she has joined in with the raids and war parties of the Earl as he seeks to expand his prestige. Erlin is a popular addition to any war party because her rage-inducing songs inspire courage and fierceness in battle. When not taking part in raids, Erlin travels the homes and hearths near Kattegat, where her singing, kit-playing, and poetry and story-telling is always in high demand.

She has an older brother named Thorvaal who escaped the carnage, and whom she has not seen much since she was 14. Erlin has a kit violin that her grandfather, Ulrick, carved for her when she was little; she was taught how to play by her grandmother, Gerta, a fine musician in her own day. Two younger siblings, Bara and Geir, died in childhood. Both Erlin and Thorvall have a bit of arcane power in their blood in a form of a magical talent from their mother – in Erlin’s case she is able to magically hide in shadows very well for a short period of time each day.

She carries a grudge against the raiders who burned her village, killed her family, and sold her to the Earl of Kattegat, and always has an ear open to find out who or where they might be. Erlin can be moody at times, and she can swing from hot and fiery in one instant to cold and dispassionate, and back. Many times her moods affect her choices of songs and music; if she is in a sad mood she will sing dirges or play nocturnes that bring tears to people’s eyes; when angry her song can bring uncontrolled rage and violence. She has learned to use her voice and instrument to channel her emotions so they don’t stay bottled up inside. Even so, she can be extremely changeable and turbulent, even unstable at times. In a bad mood she can pick fights, or influence others to fight among themselves.


In addition to her friends in Kattegat Erlin has formed a friendly bond with Asmund Karling, an old fisherman who was originally born in White Cliff, and who knew her father.

Erlin is not a good swimmer, and she does not like to go out on the water by boat.


This video is what Erlin sounds like singing and playing her kit in a tavern

Erlin Bjorksdottir

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